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Diamond Dazzles as April Birthstone

​April is a special month, marked by the most prized gem of all: the diamond. This gold necklace features a tension set .58 carat center diamond plus .11 carats total weight of flush set diamonds. This pair of diamond halo earrings are made in 14k white gold. They feature a matched pair of round brilliant […]

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Dive into Aquamarine, the Beautiful Blue Birthstone for March

​ This custom pendant is made in 14k white gold and features a 7.62 carat oval aquamarine plus .363 carats total weight of diamonds.​ This ring is made in 18k rose gold and features a 1.03 carat round aquamarine plus .26 carats total weight of fully cut diamonds.​ This ring is made in 18k white […]

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Your Guide to the Ultimate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on its way! February 14th has been a day for romance since the Middle Ages. Read on for the history of Valentine’s Day, ideas for great Valentine’s Day dates, our picks for movies to watch with your Valentine, and engagement ring ideas if you’re planning to propose on February 14th! The History […]

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January Birthstone Adds Warmth to Cold Season

Although garnet can be found in a variety of colors including bright orange, vibrant green and most rarely blue, the most recognized color is the deep red Pyrope garnet . Appropriately so, because the word “garnet” comes from the Middle English word gernet, meaning “dark red.” The Middle English word is derived from the Latin word […]

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The Underwood’s Building: Turning Fifty and More Beautiful than Ever

With renovations now complete, the Underwood building is ready to celebrate its fiftieth birthday in 2017. Laura Underwood describes how the features of the remodel will make the customer experience even more comfortable and memorable:                  With this remodel comes a beautiful new entrance for our customers into […]

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Wedding Bands 101

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials from all of us here at Underwood’s Fine Jewelers! We want to make sure you get a ring that you’ll want to wear for the rest of your life. Here’s what you need to know when searching for the perfect wedding band.There are several types of wedding bands! Here at […]

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Opal and Tourmaline Offer Dazzlingly Unique Birthstones for October

OpalOpals are the most individual gemstones. Every opal is as unique as a fingerprint, with a one-of-a-kind combination of colors. Long ago, opal was called the “Queen of Gems” because the colors of all other gems can be found inside it. An ideal opal includes every color of the rainbow, but some hues may be […]

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What You Need to Know about Sapphire Engagement Rings

​Many couples who are looking for an engagement ring that is a little different from the norm are turning toward the lustrous blue hues of sapphires. So, how do sapphires measure up to diamonds? HardnessSapphires are one of the “big four” of precious jewels (the others are rubies, emeralds, and diamonds). With a hardness of […]

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New Birthstone for August is a Gem fit for Queens

This year, the Jewelers of America and the American Gem Trade Association announced a second birthstone for the month of August: Spinel. In contrast to the yellow-green gemstone peridot, which has been the birthstone for August since the modern birthstone list was created in 1912, spinel comes in warm shades of pink, red, purple, orange, […]

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