There’s a lot to think about before you ask for her hand in marriage. Underwood’s is here to help you pick the perfect ring and give you advice on how to pop the question.

The 4 C’s


The true beauty of a diamond can never be seen until it is properly cut. The angle between any two facets must be accurate to bring out the full fire and brilliance. Symmetry, polish, and where the weight of the diamond is placed, are also critical to the sparkle in a diamond. Potential Underwood’s diamonds must pass our rigid standards for cut before they are chosen to be in our store.


This refers to the warmth, or interior color, of the diamond. A diamond that falls within the range of colorless to near colorless is truly rare.


The diamond’s internal characteristics are examined when grading for clarity. These “birthmarks” are often referred to as feathers, crystals, clouds, or spots. Our diamond experts will explain the differences, and why Underwood’s only chooses the top 5% of diamond quality available.

Carat Weight

Each diamond is accurately measured by carat weight. One carat equals 100 points, therefore 50 points equal exactly one-half carat, or .50 carat. It is important to note that due to the rarity of larger diamonds, as the diamond size gets larger, the price per carat increases at a much greater rate. For example, a one-carat diamond of equal quality to a one-half carat diamond will cost three or four times as much, rather than twice as much!

Drop Hints

Stop by the store and make an Underwood’s wish list of all the styles you love! Choose a setting, metal color and diamond shape. We will size your finger as well! Once you have your list, drop more hints to make sure your loved one comes to see us. We will make it extremely easy on them and help aid in getting the perfect forever ring.

If subtlety is more your game, make sure you cover all your bases and let your friends or family know your preferences in your style and what you love.