Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your 50th, you can show your love with a gift from Underwood’s.

One popular anniversary gift is a three stone ring or necklace. Three diamonds in a row, or a colorful gemstone with two diamonds on either side, can represent the past, present, and future of your love together.

Another idea she would love is an “eternity” band. This is a ring with diamonds all the way around that she can wear next to her wedding set or on her right hand. An eternity band symbolizes the enduring quality of your love.

We also have some great gift ideas in our online Gift Guide​.

If you’d like us to create a one-of-a-kind anniversary gift, just call (479)521-2000 to set up an appointment with our on staff designer. We can personalize a meaningful piece of jewelry just for her.

Some other anniversary gift ideas can be for the specific year of the anniversary. Traditionally, each year of marriage is associated with a particular stone. The following is a list of gemstones for anniversaries.

1st Anniversary – Gold Jewelry

2nd Anniversary – Garnet

3rd Anniversary – Cultured or Natural Pearls

4th Anniversary – Blue Topaz

5th Anniversary – Sapphire

6th Anniversary – Amethyst

7th Anniversary – Onyx

8th Anniversary – Tourmaline

9th Anniversary – Lapis Lazuli

10th Anniversary – Diamond Jewelry

11th Anniversary – Turquoise

12th Anniversary – Jade

13th Anniversary – Citrine

14th Anniversary – Opal

15th Anniversary – Ruby

16th Anniversary – Peridot

17th Anniversary – Watches

18th Anniversary – Cat’s Eye

19th Anniversary – Aquamarine

20th Anniversary – Emerald

21st Anniversary – Iolite

22nd Anniversary – Spinel


23rd Anniversary – Imperial Topaz

24th Anniversary – Tanzanite

25th Anniversary – Silver Jubilee

30th Anniversary – Cultured/Natural Pearl Jubilee

35th Anniversary – Emerald

40th Anniversary – Ruby

45th Anniversary – Sapphire

50th Anniversary – Golden Jubilee

55th Anniversary – Alexandrite

60th Anniversary – Diamond