The Underwood’s Custom Design Department designs and creates jewelry pieces that flatter your features as well as save you money because they are not going through the several middlemen that other jewelers must use.

We have a full time professional designer on staff to help you create a personalized design. Our professional goldsmiths “smith” the precious metals from the raw stage to the finished, beautiful creation. Designs are created for you alone, with personality and distinction.


The first step is for the design team to take into account the customer’s personal features and preferences. Sketches and multiple ideas are a a part of this step.

The next step is to create the finished design which is an artist rendering in full color and actual size, complete with a cost estimate. Up to this point, there is no charge or obligation for these services.

With approval of the design, a deposit is made and the custom shop is ready to bring the design to life.

The actual creation of the piece is a remarkable transformation from raw precious metal to the finished piece. With meticulous attention to detail, the precious metal is molded, sculpted and worked to create a unique and tasteful work of art.

By controlling the design from concept to completion, Underwood’s can ensure that the quality and artistry of each finished piece meets exacting standards. Nothing leaves the custom shop until it receives the Underwood’s personal seal of approval. No gemstone or piece of jewelry is exempt from these high level, quality control standards. Only then is a piece stamped with the Underwood name.