The Elvis Ring

This is Elvis Presley’s last ring. As part of his planned “comeback” in 1977, Elvis had this ring made in Memphis to wear at his comeback performance. But while performing, a sharp edge on the ring cut his finger, causing his finger to bleed. The ring had been taken back for repair when Elvis died.

In 1978, the ring had become the property of a national magazine that planned to use the ring for a promotional contest. They required a very professional, ironclad appraisal and approached Tiffany & Co. in New York for the appraisal. Tiffany does not do appraisals on non-Tiffany merchandise, but the company recommended Underwood’s do the Certified Appraisal. The magazine flew the ring to Fayetteville for the Certified Appraisal, which was used to certify the quality and value of the ring.