Spring time fashion

This Spring, freshen up your jewelry wardrobe with a fun and lighthearted piece from Underwoods! You will see lots of bold beautiful colors that will make a statement. Keep reading to see our fave new MUST HAVE pieces for this season. 


Aquamarine gemstones are a classic Spring staple. They are the birthstone for March and symbolize tranquility. The light blue hue reminds us of the cool blue ocean water that’s too cold to swim in. 


Brighten up your pastel wardrobe with mulit-colored gemstone jewelry. This style will compliment any ordinary outfit. Wear in layers to turn it up to the next fashion level.

Green Emerald

The color green brings us hope of green grass, the sound of lawn mowers, the mountains in full bloom and the longing of being outdoors. Wear Emerald gemstones to brighten up your outfit and your day!

Emerald has been called “The Stone of Successful Love” and symbolizes patience, unity, compassion, and unconditional love.

Pink Sapphires

Pink Sapphires not only symbolize good fortune and subtle elegance, they are also the perfect pop of color to wear everyday this Spring! 

What We’re WearIng

Everyday Aquamarine Rings

Bright Pink Sapphire Rings

Multi-Colored Gemtone Rings

Rich Green Emerald Rings