Key Takeaway 

– Investing in fine jewelry allows you to not only enjoy the beauty of precious gemstones but share an indestructible piece of your legacy with many of your descendants. Your name on a park bench or a brick wall is one thing but an heirloom piece speaks to the heart.

Memories They Won’t Forget

        No one really wants to think about what the world will be like when they are gone; However, the good news is there is a way to ensure that pieces of you stick around forever to remind your loved ones that you will always be with them. Whether it be your diamond stud earrings that get turned into two diamond pendants for your granddaughters or your engagement ring that gets new life as a right-hand ring for your daughter, fine jewelry is a beautiful way to make sure the memories of you are never forgotten.


A Diamond Truly is Forever

        Invincibility is a supreme superpower that is luckily not confined to a comic book or hero in a Marvel movie. Even though we are unfortunately not able to possess this invincibility for ourselves, there is something that acquires this power. If you didn’t already know, the origin of diamond derives from the Greek word Adamas which quite literally means invincible.
        Diamonds are not only the hardest gemstone and substance found in nature, but because of their rarity, they have continued to appreciate in monetary value. With this in mind, it makes complete sense that diamonds have been historically cherished and continue to symbolize the unbreakable bond of true love. And since all fine gemstones and precious metals never age or decompose it is clear that leaving a legacy of fine jewelry behind for your successors is quite frankly bulletproof.

Custom Creating Your own Legacy

        With your future legacy always in mind our team of designers and in-house jewelers work with you to create custom pieces that represent who you are. As a multi-generational business, we pride ourselves in knowing that these pieces will be worn by countless generations. Not only are you leaving behind something that can be enjoyed day after day by people you love, but you are also leaving behind a piece of who you are, your legacy.

Giving New Life to a legacy

         Underwood’s founder, Bill Underwood, has always said there are 4 reasons to buy fine jewelry: Romance, Reward, Recognition, & most importantly Reincarnation. With over 65 years in business and 3 generations later we have helped remake many jewelry pieces. Customers will bring in legacy jewelry that they have inherited from a grandmother or great-grandmother and want to add their own personal touch.
By breathing new life into these inherited pieces customers go home with something that represents and further connects the original family member to themselves. What a marvel it would be for the successors at Underwoods to see a piece of jewelry that has been reincarnated multiple times to hold a touch of personality from several ancestors. Generations in the making for generations to come, now that is a legacy that lasts forever.

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Here at Underwoods, we have a full time designer on staff as well as a full in-house custom shop.


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