Top Engagement Ring Trends 2022

#5 3-Stone

Number five on our list goes to 3-stone rings! We started seeing the uptick for this style trend in 2021 and it has gained momentum coming into 2022. This is the perfect style to make your own. Add any shape and colored gemstone your heart desires. 


#4 Emerald Cut

On the rise this year is the gorgeous emerald cut diamond. An emerald cut diamond is considered to be a step-cut, which means the diamond is a rectangular or square shape with facets arranged as parallel lines looking like “steps”. The elongated shape is a plus when you’re going for a bigger look. 


#3 Side Accents

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece that you can totally make your own, adding unique side diamonds is the way to go. There are endless possibilities in the shapes you can choose from. The most unique shapes for side diamonds are kite, trapezoid, tapered baguettes, half-moons and pears.

#2 Hidden Halo

This is a trend that took to the sky this year. Forget the traditional halo, most brides what the halo hidden on the side for a unique and elegant detail. This style can be made with the diamond shape of your dreams. We have seen the largest scale of this style made with oval and round shaped diamonds.

#1 Yellow Gold Solitaire

The number one trend we’ve seen this year is a yellow gold solitaire! This style went above and beyond all other engagement ring trends. A solitaire ring can be made with any diamond shape and several different options of simplistic mountings. This style allows the diamond to be the main focal point with showing only the beauty and brilliance of your center diamond. It’s a timeless ring you will cherish for a lifetime. 


Most Popular Diamond Shapes of 2022 Include… 

#1 Round

#2 Oval

#3 Rectangular (Includes elongated Emerald and Radiant Cut)


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