loose, vibrant purple amethyst gemstones, fantasy cut oval and round amethysts

Facts about the power of February’s regal birthstone: Amethyst


“Gemstones contain life force. This life force is the divine energy that sustains, nourishes, and enlivens all living things.”
Dr. Gopal Sharma

Energetic Healer


Ancient History of Amethystos

– Historic references in the Bible

– Saint Valentine and his Amethyst ring

Spiritual Meanings

– Provides connection to the divine

– Associated with the crown chakra

Healing Capabilities

– The work of Dr. Gopal Sharma

– Contains life force from Earth


Ancient History of Amethystos

       Meaning “not intoxicated,” historians believe that Amethyst prevents excessive drinking and promotes sobriety. 

       The historically prized gemstone has an extensive history and many references in the bible. Some Bishops still wear Amethyst rings, as purple is seen to symbolize the regality of Christ. Because of this and its popularity among the Ancient Egyptians, the stone was once considered one of the most valuable gemstones. It even used to rival the price of Diamonds. You can also find extremely valuable Amethysts among the British crown jewels. The month of love may have been assigned the rich purple birthstone because Saint Valentine was rumored to have worn an Amethyst ring with Cupid carved into it.

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Spiritual Meanings of Amethyst

        Believed to connect us with the divine, this luxe gemstone has long been known to represent spirituality. Not only is it associated with the crown chakra, but wearers for centuries have claimed it has the power to help them stay grounded. For those unfamiliar with grounding, it is the idea that when the skin comes in direct contact with nature, the soul is cleansed & provided with endless energy. Furthermore, the stone is said to promote a clear mind, the ability for deep contemplation, and a sense of ease, knowing that everything is in control.

Amethysts natural benefits

loose amethyst gemstones, fantasy cut oval and round amethysts
6.44ct Round “Starbrite” cut,  12.98 Round “Starbrite” cut, 6.27ct Oval Fantasy Cut Amethysts
21.88ct Emerald Cut Amethyst
        According to the world-famous energetic healer Dr. Gopal Sharma, Amethyst contains the power to cure insomnia, headaches, blood circulation, and breathing issues. Dr. Sharma also shares how it has been used to increase focus, improve one’s ability to meditate, as well as helping combat any fears or cravings.

        Dr. Sharma explains in his book, Healing Power of Gems, why gemstones can have such an incredibly positive effect on human health. Humans are beings of light, which is known as our life force. Like humans, the Earth was also created with this life source of light. As the Earth continues to form, that same light is infused into the crystalline structure. Therefore natural gemstones very well possess the same essence that makes up our life force. It makes complete sense why we are so drawn to their natural beauty, including the ability to reflect and transmit natural light.


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