Hello August

Here at Underwoods, we love the month of August! Not only is it Summertime, but it’s also the month to bask in the glory of the gemstones Peridot and Spinel! Peridot has been an official birthstone for August since 1912 but Spinel was just recently added as a birthstone in 2016! Both beautiful and incredibly different, there is much to say about these two gemstones. Keep reading to learn more!


PERIDOT: This stone can be traced back over 3,000 years ago to the time of ancient Egyptians. It was a prized stone that is said to have been worn by Cleopatra, who mistakenly thought they were Emeralds! Peridot was also mined from an island off Egypt’s coast!

SPINEL- Through the years, this gemstone was known as the most “underappreciated” out of all gemstones. It was often mistaken for the gemstone Ruby and sought out by royalty. The stone known as the “Black Prince Ruby” was acquired in 1367 by Edward, Prince of Wales and is in fact a 170 carat red Spinel!


PERIDOT: The gift to give on your 16th wedding anniversary.

SPINEL: The gift to give on your 22nd wedding anniversary.



Peridot- Promotes happiness by driving away bad thoughts. Peridot is said to help assist us in having the courage to act out our heart’s desires and to be generous to others. It helps aid in success and abundance in career endeavors. This gemstone is also believed to increase wealth, health, joy and emotional well-being.

Spinel- Promotes vitality and clear thinking. Spinel is said to be a stone of new hope and helps relieve the burden of negative thoughts. It assists in “thinking outside the box” and coming up with new ideas. Spinel is also said to be the “stone of victory” and inspires us to accept new challenges and aids in guiding us to achieve them.




This ring is made in 18k white gold. It features a 1.93 carat emerald cut peridot center and 0.45 carats total weight in halo diamonds.



This necklace is made in 18k gold and features a 3.59 carat pear shaped peridot plus .21 carats total weight of diamonds.

as a fashion ring

as a fashion ring

This Underwood’s custom ring is made in 18k white gold and features a 1.73 carat oval red spinel plus .43 carats total weight of fully cut diamonds.


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