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This Seasons Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

As we jump from season to season, just like the green fresh leaves turn into crunchy little sounds underneath our feet, everything starts to change. Our wardrobe gets warmer and the colors we wear start to become darker and bolder. This is no exception when it comes to changing our jewelry with the upcoming seasons. Our jewelry will set the bar for all the fun and exciting times that are about to occur during these cold months. Here is a list of our top 5 newest seasonal trends to keep your style ever-changing. 


Long Earrings

This season, make your sweaters pop with the fun look of long earrings! We love the idea of adding splashes of color in a bold tassel for fall. When Winter parties roll around, wear classic diamond drop earrings to really wow your friends! We also like combining the two together with a simplistic look with a colorful dangling gemstone.



Stackable Bracelets

This trend has been popular all year long! There are many ways to mix and match stackable bracelets. One of our top favorite looks is stacking diamond bangles, which creates a more sophisticated look. We are also crazy about delicate mismatched gold bracelets for your more creative side. For the newest upcoming trend, we predict that black diamond bracelets will be high on everyone’s wish list.


Rings, Rings and more rings

One of the most popular looks this season is wearing multiple small rings on one hand! This style allows you to let your personality shine. There are no wrong ways to mix and match multiple rings and how you wear them, so let your creativity fly! 



Long Necklaces

Long necklaces are great for this seasons clothing trends! As we start to wear our sweaters and long sleeve shirts, long necklaces will never disappoint, adding a little pop of color where it’s needed the most and allowing creative layering. 


yellow gold

With the warm tones of yellow gold, there’s no surprise that this is our #1 seasonal jewelry trend! The hues of the yellow remind us of the perfect fall day, loving every sight, sound and feel! Yellow gold will pair perfectly with your Earth-toned seasonal wardrobe. 


How We Wear These Trends

Long and Bold

Having a longer bold necklace will compliment any comfy sweater! This 40 inch long necklace is made in 18K yellow gold and features onyx, white agate and rutilated quartz.

Fun and colorful

Have fun with your stackable rings and wear as many colors as your heart desires! They can be birthstone related or simply just your favorite colors!

Simple and classic

Wear a classic diamond dangle earring with any outfit! This style allows you to dress up your look for a special night out on the town. These earrings are made in 18K white gold and features 0.41 carats total weight in diamonds.  

Gold and Flirty

You can never go wrong with such a versatile gold bracelet! This cuff style bangle is made in 18K yellow gold and features 0.35 carats total weight of fully cut diamonds.

Some of our FAVS this season!

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