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sterling silver

Here at Underwoods, we have incredible pieces that Mom will adore! Our “love knot” collection represents an entwined bond that lasts a lifetime along with our infinity necklace symbolizing a Mothers love that lasts for eternity.  


One symbolism for pearls is purity. It’s no wonder why pearls will make the perfect gift! A Mothers love for her child is unconditional and the purest form of love. Pearls are a classic style that can be cherished forever and worn on a daily basis. 

Diamond pendants

Diamonds last forever, and sparkle as bright as Moms eyes when she looks at you. The designs of our Underwood pendants are as unique as she is! We have any style for Mom, whether she’s on-the-go or having a night out on the town, we have a necklace that will fit her lifestyle. 

Birthstone Jewelry

Gift Mom with a beautiful piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value! We recommend her children’s birthstone! We have the most immaculate collection of birthstone jewelry here at Underwoods and would love for you to come in and take a look. Unsure of your birthstone? Check out our easy birthstone guide! 

Diamond earrings

You can never go wrong with a pair of diamond earrings. We have several different styles to choose from that will make Mom feel beautiful! She works hard for you and deserves only the best!   

customer reviews

Cindy G.

5 Star

Friendliest and most knowledgeable jewelers in the area. Beautiful, high quality items that fit any budget.
J.D. Fisher

5 Star

Without a doubt one of the most pleasant shopping experiences in NWA. Staff makes everyone feel important. Thank You Underwoods.
Susie S.

5 star

I always love my experience with Underwoods. Today, I picked up a pair of diamond earrings that I had turned into necklaces since I wasn’t wearing them much. The design process was easy, the turnaround time was great (even during the Holidays) and they turned out PERFECT. Thank you again, Underwoods!

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