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It’s September, which means it’s all about the one and only Sapphire gemstone! It’s not only the sole birthstone for September, but it’s also the gift to give your loved one the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries! Sapphires are just one down on the hardness scale next to diamonds, making them an ideal choice to wear everyday. Here is our list of the top 5 ways to wear this stunning gemstone!


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#1 In an engagement ring

There are many ways to wear a Sapphire, but one of the most popular ways is in an engagement ring! Feature the Sapphire in the center or add just a touch on the sides for a great non-traditional look. Sapphires are the best stone to use in an engagement ring other than a diamond because of its incredible durability.

#2 during your wedding

Surprise the bride with “Something Blue!” Wear Sapphire earrings during your wedding and then time and time again after the wedding. We like to keep it simplistic with an elegant diamond halo. Wearing a Sapphire symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity, which is perfect for your special day!

#3 Wear it bold

Go big or go home! Wear a bold bracelet to really show off the incredible color Sapphire has to offer. If you love being bold, wear a show stopper  ring to let people know you mean business.


#4 change colors with the seasons

The great thing about Sapphires is that they come in just about every color, except for red! With so many amazing choices, it makes for an easy transition into changing colors with the seasons. For Spring, wear a soft yellow Sapphire, during the Summer, go for a bright pink, when Fall rolls around, switch to a warm orange Sapphire and when Winter hits, go for the cool blue Sapphire!

#5 Wear it with an everyday outfit!

Sapphire is undoubtedly one of the most popular gemstones people purchase, which is why we create beautiful easy-going styles! Whether you’re going to the grocery store or having a night out on the town, a classic Sapphire pendant is perfect for everyday wear. 

a few fav pieces


This Underwood’s custom ring is made in 14K white gold and features a 2.87 carat oval blue sapphire plus 0.49 carats total weight of perfectly cut diamonds. This ring is a smaller scale replica of the sapphire engagement ring worn by Princess Diana and Princess Kate.


This pair of hinged-hoop dangle earrings are made in 18K white gold. They feature 2 oval blue sapphires with a total weight of 2.06 carats, plus 48 fully cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.36 carats. 


This Underwood’s custom ring is made in all platinum. It features a 1.16ct round center diamond plus two matching “kite shape” blue sapphires. There are an additional 64 fully cut halo and side diamonds with a total weight of 0.92 carats.


This ring is made in all hand engraved platinum and it features a 3.00 carat oval pink sapphire plus 0.99 carat total weight of diamonds.

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David Patterson

February 2019

I had been searching for a specific type of sapphire for nearly ten years, and just couldn’t find a jeweler that had the rare stone in stock.
I, eventually, came to Underwood’s and was greeted by their lovely and intelligent staff.
I had asked if this rare stone might be in their inventory and was excited to find out that they indeed had a decently large twelve-ray black star sapphire of genuine and impeccable quality. Absolutely stunning!!!
After months of making reasonable payments on the sapphire, I am now a proud owner of the gem of my dreams! What’s even better? Becky, Underwood’s talented Custom Jewelry Designer, is woework with me to create the perfect rose gold ring setting for my precious gem.
Ultimately, I am admirably pleased with Underwood’s service and selection. A big thanks from a now “customer for life” client!

Abby Clegg

December 2018

My boyfriend and I went in there to get an idea on engagement rings after being all over town looking. Let me tell you this places crushed everyone else the minute I walked in the door! Everyone was so sweet and when we told them we were just looking instead of writing us off Taylor pulled us to the engagement rings and started showing us different things and the more I told her I liked she started pulling other things for me to look at. She even broke down all the different diamonds to my boyfriend for him to understand better. She even made me a wishlist for the rings I liked and gave my boyfriend her card with my favorite rings information on it including the different payment options. Long story short I found the ring I wanted and everyone was absolutely amazing and so kind to us and will for sure be getting all my other jewlery from them and Taylor!

Sandra White

June 2017

Today I received the most splendid uniquely designed vintage inspired ring from Undetwood’s Jewelry. It was a pleasure working with Becki, their gifted designer. The process of coming up with my heirloom ring was most interactive and each meeting with the designer was interesting, educational and
productive. Having my mom’s diamond solitaire and two diamond earrings reset in 18 K gold resulted in a way to keep her close to me forever, reminding me to cherish the past, present and future moments in my life.

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