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Let’s face it, 2020 was a year full of challenges for everybody. For some of us, we had to stay at home longer than others, making pajamas a fashion statement. For those of us stuck at home, let’s embrace it as much as possible and do whatever it takes to have a little normalcy and to feel beautiful. Take a night to dress up for a home dinner, wear your best jewelry around the house, take glamour photos. We want to help guide you to feel your most beautiful at home with your jewelry wardrobe. Keep reading to find out our top 5 recommended pieces!  


You can get as fancy as you’d like when wearing a gorgeous sapphire piece. Wearing a blue sapphire can have many meanings and symbolisms that we can carry with us on the daily. Sapphires are said to promote hope and success in life and love. Its powers include spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Sapphire is also believed to offer healing properties for rheumatism, colic, and mental illness. It is also considered an antidepressant and an aid to psychokinesis and clairvoyance. 


Engraved pieces

Wearing something meaningful can get us through our day. Personalized pendants can have a positive impact on our attitudes as we go through our daily tasks. Engrave a loved ones name to wear close to your heart or add in a birthstone for a little extra flare. It is said that having something personalized with you can improve your mood, energy, and being proactive with work and other chores. 



Simple diamond studs

Wearing diamonds always makes us feel good and gives us a sense of beauty. We view diamonds as something “fancy” and seem to only wear them when we want to go out on the town or to a hot party. With diamond stud earrings however, we can wear them anywhere, anytime and not have to worry about taking them off if we forget about them. Diamonds are said to symbolize life, perfection and invincible spiritual power. 



Onyx bracelets are the perfect piece to wear at home for it’s durability. Anyone, male or female can wear these stylish bracelets. Onyx symbolizes happiness and prosperity which is important for us to grasp onto while we’re going through rough times. Make it your own with other meaningful gemstones such as Tiger’s Eye, that is said to embrace inner-strength and personal willpower or Malachite, which absorbs negative energy. 



Being stuck at home can make us feel anxious, depressed and even stressed out beyond belief. Wearing an Amethyst is said to be a wonderful companion for anyone who is struggling emotionally. Its energy is soothing yet uplifting, the perfect combination for lifting yourself out of depression. With its help, you’re likely to feel your stress melt away and your mood improve.

This healing stone is also very cleansing. It turns negative energy into positive energy so that emotional pain seems to lift away. Instead of an empty feeling, it blankets your body in love.


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