Fall 2020

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trends for 2020

This Fall, we predict that you will see warm colors and darker tones. The cooler weather and bundling up with our coziest sweaters go hand in hand, making us feel the warmth in everything we do, from our choice of drinks, down to our clothing and fashion jewelry. It’s no wonder why we crave the warmer tones this of yellow and rose gold along with darker gemstones this season.


Yellow gold

Yellow gold matches beautifully with all your warmer fall clothes. Make it the perfect accent piece to your fav sweaters and add lots of layers to make any outfit pop. 


Black Opals are the perfect deeply colored gemstone for Fall. They have a darker body color and are around a 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale making it desirable as a seasonal gem to wear do to the fragility. Black Opals are also the most valuable of all opals. 

Rose Gold

Rose gold is beautiful all year round but this Fall, you will see even more of it! Add a little bit of texture to for a beautiful rustic look. 

Opaque diamonds

Cuddle up with opaque diamonds! They have beautiful Earth-toned colors from natural inclusions. The richness of these diamonds allows you to have a subtle statement piece. 

How we wear these fashions


Natural Jasper Beads with a Hammered Gold Bracelet

Yellow Gold and Pearls


Layered Gold Necklace with a Fun Fashion Gemstone


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