WHat is a diamond cert?

A diamond certificate is a report from an independent laboratory that inspects elements of diamonds such as cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The diamond buyer or seller never issues the report to consumers. 


See the diamond in person before you buy

 Don’t fall victim of having the impression that a certification from an independent laboratory is all you need to know about a diamond before you purchase it. The reports will never be able to convey the actual beauty or desirability of the diamond which falls in line with the way the diamond is cut and how much light return is being dispersed. It’s like reading the stats on a car and buying it without seeing it.   


Be careful with online diamonds

One of the biggest concerns with buying a diamond based on the certification reports alone arises from Internet sellers. The concern comes from some internet sellers using fake or altered diamond certifications and false photos. Even if the certification is from a legitimate website, you should never purchase a diamond without seeing it in person. A diamond is an important purchase and should be carefully selected with the help of a diamond expert.


What you deserve

Underwoods has a 64 year history in Fayetteville, Arkansas and known for diamond beauty and quality. With the first Certified Gem Lab in the state of Arkansas, our diamonds are graded by our expert Certified Gemologist Appraisers with only the top 2% of diamonds excepted into our store. Each diamond is checked and rechecked to only sell you the absolute best with a full certified appraisal. You will leave Underwoods knowing exactly what you are purchasing with a shopping experience like  no other.



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