The History Of Underwood’s


1957 – Underwood's® founded in Fayetteville, Arkansas, by William G. Underwood.

1959 – Admission to the American Gem Society (AGS).

1961 – Certified Gemologist (CG) title bestowed.
Accredited Gem Lab certified by AGS, the first in Arkansas.

1966 – Underwood building, designed by Fay Jones, completed.

1968 – Bill Underwood appointed to Diamond Standards Committee of U.S. and Canada. This committee determines diamond grading standards for North America.

1970 – Bill Underwood elected to Board of Directors of American Gem Society.

1978 – Bill Underwood selected by Smithsonian Institute as one of 33 jewelers in America to create a special jewelry piece for the Smithsonian Collection.

1979 – Certified appraisal of Elvis' Ring.

1983 – Bill Underwood one of first 29 jewelers in America to earn Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA) title, industry's most advanced title.

1985 – Bill Underwood elected to President-Elect of American Gem Society.

1986 – Pearl Design Contest.

1987 – Bill Underwood elected to national President of American Gem Society.
Craig Underwood completes gemological training and enters store.

1988 – Craig Underwood earns CG title.

Bill Underwood makes special presentation to William R. Chaney, chairman of Tiffany & Co. at special "Breakfast at Tiffany's" event in New York.

1991 – Underwood's named Best Single-Store Jeweler in America and inducted into the National Jeweler Hall of Fame in New York.

1992 – Craig Underwood earns CGA title.

Bill Underwood elected to Board of Directors of Jewelers of America.

1993 – Bill Underwood awarded the Robert M. Shipley award, named after the founder of both the GIA and AGS.

1994 – Craig Underwood elected to Board of Directors of American Gem Society.

1995 – Bill Underwood elected to Manager, Board of Directors, of the American Gem Society Gemological Laboratory, the first independent lab to offer a diamond cut grade on their Diamond Quality Documents.

1997 – Underwood's head goldsmith, Tom Weishaar, receives nation's first Certified Master Bench Jeweler title from Jewelers of America of New York.

1998 – Craig Underwood appointed Chairman of Diamond Standards Committee of United States and Canada. This committee determines diamond grading standards for North America.

1999 – Underwood's Design Department wins Industry's most coveted Design Competition, the National AGTA Spectrum Award.

2000 – Underwood's wins First Place Arkansas Carat Award for Excellence in Design.

Craig Underwood appointed Chairman, International Task Force, American Gem Society Diamond Standards to evaluate and develop a cut grade for fancy shaped diamonds, a "first" for the Diamond Industry.

2001 – Craig Underwood promoted to president of Underwoods and Bill Underwood to chairman of Underwood's.

2002 – Bill Underwood named chairman, Oversight Committee for Advanced Cut Grading for the AGS Laboratory.

Platinum Honors Design Contest.

2003 – Underwood's selected as Jeweler for Emmy Awards gift basket at annual awards ceremony.

2004 – Craig Underwood named President-Elect of American Gem Society.

Bill Underwood recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Sam Walton School of Business, University of Arkansas.

2005 – Bill Underwood receives the "Triple-0" award in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center for outstanding achievement in the jewelry profession.

2006 – Underwood's named "Best Jewelry Store in America" by INSTORE magazine, the leading publication for the jewelry industry, and dubbed "Coolest Store in U.S."

Craig elected President of the American Gem Society

2007 – Underwood's celebrates 50 years of service

Craig elected Chair of the Jewelry Leadership Council

2008 – Craig completes term a President of the American Gem Society

2009 – Underwood's granted a U.S. Patent on the "Beauty Grade Machine®" after a worldwide search that no other similar technology existed.

2010 – Underwood's adopts state of the art Milling Technology for casting

2011 – Underwood's upgrades laser technology on patented Beauty Grade Machine®

2012 – Underwood's wins national jewelry design contest, Jewelers of America "CASE Award," for custom-made diamond ring

Underwood's is one of 12 jewelers in the nation selected to provide two Underwood Custom Pieces for the "Red Carpet Collection" at the 2012 Academy Awards

2013 - Underwood’s Named a Town and Country Leading Independent Jeweler

2014 - Underwood's wins a second "CASE" design award for their custom handforged gold and opaque diamond ring

2015 - Underwood's celebrates its 5th Anniversary of their Fab Five Community Giving. Since 2000, Underwood’s has supported the NWA community giving more than $500,000 to local non-profits.

2016 - The Underwood Building, designed by AIA Gold Medal architect E Fay Jones for William G. Underwood CG was built in 1966 and celebrates its 50th birthday.

2016 -  Natalie Morales, known for her role as Lucy in Parks and Recreation wore an incredible Underwoods diamond bracelet on the red carpet at the 2016 Emmy Awards Show.