In the world of jewelry, white and yellow gold are timeless. But in the last four years, rose gold has become very popular — from Hollywood to the heartland.  Actress Blake Lively, best known for her part of Serena in “Gossip Girl,” rocks a 12-carat oval diamond mounted in a rose gold engagement ring given by actor Ryan Reynolds. At Underwood’s Fine Jewelers, we have seen rose gold and diamond engagement rings become one of our best sellers. With fashion rings, Underwood’s most popular rose gold pieces feature the gemstone Morganite, in peach or light pink tones. Demand is now strong enough that our company makes rose gold hog pendants to celebrate the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. We even ship our gold hogs to U of A alumni across the country and world!

Historically, rose gold first became fashionable in Russia during the 19th century. It was referred to as “Russian gold” since they were among the only wearers of the uncommon alloy at the time. Rose gold jewelry then gained popularity in the Victorian era, but soon fell behind during the platinum loving 1930’s “Art Deco” era.  During World War II, platinum was considered a strategic mineral vital to the war efforts, causing many countries to restrict – even prohibit – its use during the war.  With platinum sidelined, gold once again became the precious metal of choice in jewelry.  The use of both yellow and rose gold distinctly defines jewelry during the war years. The 21st century’s desire for rose gold jewelry involves several factors.  For one, the pink hue happens to match nicely with all skin types.  Fashion-wise, rose gold has an understated elegance that matches well with feminine styles. Few colors say “femininity” and “softness” more than pink. The pink color is achieved by alloying the gold with some copper. Rose gold looks warm and subtle, complimenting both colorful gems and diamonds.

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