The tourmaline gemstone is commonly known as the “Gemstone of the Rainbow” because of its wide variety of colors; such as pink, orchid, blue, green, red, yellow, black, brown and watermelon tourmaline. The formations of these colors have many different causes. For instance, trace amounts of iron and titanium induce the green and blue colors found in tourmaline, which range from a soft light mint color to a deep rich forest green. These colors are unique because many of the green tourmaline gemstones have pleochroism- which is an optical phenomenon where different colors can be perceived at various angles.





The rarest of color is found in the Paraiba Tourmaline. It is one of the most sought-after in the world because none of the other gemstones, including other tourmalines, have the vivid blue glow found in Paraiba. The difference is the small amounts of copper apparent in its formation, causing an incandescent glow that appears to light up the stone from within. Paraiba comes in colors ranging from turquoise to majestic blue-green and is almost always custom cut because of its extremely high value.


Paraiba Tourmaline



Tourmaline’s spectrum of colors doesn’t stop there. When manganese is present in the formation, it produces beautiful reds, pinks, and even yellows. These Underwood pieces are a perfect example of different shades that tourmaline can have. Notice the bracelet featuring an entire rainbow of tourmaline hues, from a light-yellow to deep red, blue, and brown, as pictured below.






Finally, Watermelon Tourmaline is a popular, but rare, kind of tourmaline that exhibits pink, white, and green colors all within one crystal. It is known as a Master Heart crystal because its green and pink colors represent the colors of the heart. It is also said to have healing energies that work well with the heart’s emotions and energy. Watermelon Tourmaline is often used to assist in balancing and merging all the other tourmaline energies because it exhibits its most common hues all at once.






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