Summer is in full swing, and so are this year’s hottest fashion trends! Here is what made our list of Top 10 jewelry trends to help you shine as brightly as the summer sun.




1. Stackable Bands

Make it your own with stackable bands! Mix and match this summer with any color of metals, gemstones and textures to create a one-of-a-kind look to fit your individual style.





2. Solitaire Pendants

Classic and bold, a single diamond pendant is a perfect choice for all of your summer events! Wear it to a night out on the town or to your favorite local festival. Change it up with a fancy shaped diamond like a pear or an oval. This look is a definite must for any outfit!





3. Diamond Bands

Add some ice to your summer look! Diamond bands don’t have to be boring, play it up with some cool details. Make your summer look unstoppable with a versatile two-toned ring or a fun playful band.





4. Stackable Bracelets

Wear stackable bracelets all summer long to make your outfit pop! Go from simple to elegant to over the top with this big summer trend.





5. Rose Gold

Not only will you see rose gold in wedding rings this summer, but you will see them in all things jewelry! Rose gold is a huge upward fashion trend that has sky rocketed. This summer, people everywhere have hopped on board with this gorgeous trend.




6. Diamond Earrings

You can’t go wrong with the simplicity and elegance of a pair of diamond earrings. Not only is this look huge this summer, but it makes an amazing gift for any occasion. The diamond earring summer trend will stay in style for a lifetime.





7. Pearls

Reminiscent of ocean waters and sun-kissed beaches, pearls are a perfect summer accessory. From backyard weddings to an adventurous vacation, pearls are trending and are here to stay.





8. Statement Rings

Be bold with fashion from flexible spirals to leaves of gold. These unforgettable trendy rings are sure to make a splash even on the hottest day. Make your statement this summer with a ring you can wear all year round.





9. Mixing Metals

Wearing white, yellow, and rose gold all at the same time is really heating up! This universal trend is unlimited with all of the fashion possibilities. For your summer wedding, pair your white gold engagement ring with a rose or yellow gold wedding band!




10. Arkansas Razorback Pendants

Call the Hogs in style with one of our must-have Razorback pendants! These necklaces are very much a local fashion favorite that can be worn every day. Help us say Woo Pig Sooie this summer!







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