With so many engagement ring styles out there, the options can seem endless — especially with all the gorgeous 2018 engagement ring trends surfacing lately. So, if you’re planning on buying an engagement ring in the near future, or if you’re curious about what style you like the most, you’re in luck! We’ve been taking notes on the most popular engagement ring trends 2018 has to offer, and you can check them out right here.

Oval Diamond Rings

Oval diamonds are more popular than ever! Their elegant elongated shape offers a distinctive spin to the classic round diamond. While oval diamonds look striking as the centerpiece of a solitaire engagement ring, we also love the look of ovals in three stone engagement ring settings, trendy east-west settings, and sparkling halo settings.


What attracts us to platinum? Could it be because the symbolism of platinum is tied to rarity and exclusiveness? Platinum became popular in the 1700s in the European culture and was usually worn by royalty. That early symbolism is carried over into how we view the precious metal in todays society. Think about it, in todays world we see platinum as a high status, from platinum album sales to platinum credit cards. 

Having a platinum engagement ring not only signifies rarity but it is also a metal that is extremely durable. The precious metal is more rare and more difficult to work with than gold and therefore usually costs more. Choosing platinum is a strong choice as a statement for a wedding or engagement ring because it symbolizes the very best.


Twisted Accents

We love the romantic notion of a twisted band — forever intertwined like your love. Symbolic and stunning, this on-trend infinity design represents two lives coming together and becoming one. There are many ways to add an elegant “twist” to your engagement ring. You can feature diamond twists on the side of your engagement ring or just add a diamond twist wedding band to a simple solitaire engagement ring.

Colored Gemstones

We are seeing  engagement ring trends move towards center diamond alternatives like gem stones. Precious gem stones are unique in that each one possesses different symbolisms, shapes and different colors. This year we think that colored gem stones as diamond alternatives will be a huge hit. Come see us to get the very best advice on which gemstones will be perfect for your everyday wear! 

Rose Gold

There are so many reasons women are mesmerized by this gorgeous metal.  Rose gold is yellow gold that is alloyed with copper to create a soft, feminine blush tone. Another thing that is great about rose gold- it’s a unique choice for an engagement ring, but it’s also a safe bet because it will never go out of style. Rose gold has been around for hundreds of years and women of all ages love it.  Men are also wearing rose gold wedding bands to harmonize with their spouse’s ring.


Traditional Solitaire

A solitaire is a single center diamond without diamonds on the sides of the ring. Nothing says classical sophistication like a solitaire engagement ring. This engagement ring style represents around 70% of the engagement ring market and it’s not hard to see why celebrities like Gisele Bundchen, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Mila Kunis opt for these timeless treasures. Solitaire engagement rings can be designed in a variety of styles to give it a modern and unique twist while still retaining its elegant aesthetic and simple lines. There are several other solitaire styles and options that we would love to show you! 

Fancy Shapes

A fancy shaped diamond is any other shape other than round. Everyone falls in love with certain shapes that become an important part of their personal style. Fancy shape diamonds give consumers the option to choose a stone that reflects their unique aesthetic, so it makes sense that fancies are gaining popularity in this age of personalization and unconventional engagement rings.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Audrey Hepburn’s husband Mel Ferrer may have kicked off the trend of stackable rings in different metals, a style that’s still going strong today. By giving the style-conscious star rings in different color metals, she could switch them out to match her outfit.  The stackable bands can be worn with the engagement ring, or worn as a right hand ring.  Add one for each special occasion!

Vintage Style

Vintage styles can come from any past era, depending on the style you like.  
In general, vintage engagement rings usually feature more ornate designs and can be handcrafted, like our cutwork filigree ring shown.  There is nostalgia and romance associated with antique style rings, and there are usually more textures, with details different from modern rings.  Often, small colored stones like ruby, sapphire and emerald are used in vintage inspired designs. This upward trend is classic and timeless!


It’s a style that has been around since at least the 1830s, but most of us have probably never noticed the elegant, twisted style wrapped around our friend’s finger. In the last couple of years the bypass ring has become a growing trend. The curves and twists of a bypass ring give it an elegant look, while still being modern and sleek. You can have two-stones on a ring that sit next to each other and represent you and your loved one.