We’ve all felt it – the first cool breeze of Autumn, flowing through the trees with a quiet exuberance, heralding the magical holiday season to come. If you’ve been waiting for the right atmosphere to propose, wait no more. A holiday proposal is enchanting. It’s romantic. And whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day, you simply can’t go wrong proposing during this charmed season.

The Weather

There exist few places quite as beautiful as Northwest Arkansas in the fall. The slopes of the Ozarks put on a dazzling display of colors ranging from gold, to orange, to bright red and yellow. These warm hues create the perfect backdrop for that coveted proposal photo, allowing you to plan the perfect place to declare your love. Later on, if you’re lucky, a fresh snowfall can also create the perfect ambiance. Too cold? A fireside proposal might be the perfect choice.

Family and Friends to Celebrate With

After selecting the perfect Underwoods diamond, picking the moment, and popping the question, many couples are eager to share the news with loved ones. If this sounds like you, then there’s no better time to propose than during the holidays. This time of year lends itself to celebrations, and with your closest family friends already gathered, there’s no better time to toast your new life together.


During the holidays, the local area comes alive. Whether that’s colorful lights, or shiny tinsel, holiday proposals are bursting with opportunity. The intricate interior decorations and romantic atmosphere of this season are unrivaled during any other part of the year. There’s something about warm fires, hot cocoa, and festive activities that never fails to deliver a familiar warmth within our souls.

A New Chapter

What better way is there to start off the New Year than with the promise of forever with the one you love? Toward the end of the year, people tend to start thinking about the opportunities offered by the New Year. A winter proposal (or New Year’s engagement) offers a wonderful way to mark those new beginnings.

No matter what you choose, you can put your own spin on the holiday season to plan a brilliant proposal that celebrates your relationship and your future together. When it comes to choosing the perfect ring for that magical moment, and for more advice on how and when to pop the question, come see the experts at Underwoods Jewelers.