The month of September marks a beautiful seasonal change from summer to fall. Spectacular colors begin to reveal themselves, such as the burnt orange of pumpkins, the rust red of fallen leaves, the supernatural blues of the clouded sky, and the darker hue of green that covers the grassy fields. It is these colors, and more, that make an appearance in this month’s birthstone. Sapphire is known for its never-ending spectrum of colors, from its more common shades of blue to the gorgeous, and more rare, padparadscha sapphire. Whether you are looking for a way to compliment your look this season or want to liven up your style with a bold accent, the sapphire gemstone obtains a number of options to suit your needs.

Our most popular sapphire piece is this multi-colored natural sapphire bracelet, which includes a wide range of colors- making it ideal for daily wear throughout the seasons.

Sapphires come in almost every color except for red, and when it’s red, it’s considered to be a ruby! Sapphires are so versatile, you can wear them during every season. For Fall and Winter, wear bolder and warmer sapphires like orange, yellow and blue. During the Spring and Summer seasons, wear brighter sapphires like pink, purple and green.
     The best part is, sapphires are a nine on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means they are resistant to scratching and suitable for wearing every day. That is why, since the late 14th century, sapphires have been a favored precious jewel. They were often used as an alternative engagement ring by royal families, and that same trend continues today. Imaged below is Princess Eugenie with her beautiful light pink padparadscha sapphire engagement ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds. This colored sapphire is perfect for their fall wedding! After Princess Eugenie was engaged, padparadscha skyrocketed on social media and in jewelry stores.

Kate Middleton is another royal bride who famously wears a blue sapphire ring- the same engagement ring that belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. Blue sapphire is the most sought out with millennial brides who want an alternative engagement ring that will last a lifetime.

Sapphires also have a great amount of symbolism. In the past, sapphires were thought to have healing powers. During the age of the Crusades, it was believed that a sapphire worn by an impure or deceptive person would fade, and so returning Crusaders would test the fidelity of their wives with sapphires. Today, sapphires symbolize wisdom, virtue, and good fortune – and in an engagement ring, they specifically symbolize faithfulness and sincerity. Here are some must have sapphires from Underwoods Fine Jewelers to get you through the upcoming seasons. 

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