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Three stone rings are all the rage in 2020 thanks to mega celebs like Princess Beatrice and Meghan Markle. The upward trend we’re seeing is having a three stone ring made in oval diamonds. It’s elegant and elongating and will look incredible on most hands.  


Men are getting creative with their styles by adding color and texture! One studly look we’ve noticed is a wide band with a hammered or satin finish. This look is not only attractive, it will eventually show less wear and tear over time. 


We have seen a huge jump in popularity with marquise shaped diamonds! This elongated shape will make the carat weight look larger than other shapes and will make your finger look longer and thinner. 



One gorgeous style that will melt your heart is a ring with many textures and patterns. Vintage inspired rings are extremely ornate! Popular among brides, you will enjoy looking at your rings non-stop beauty and the craftsmanship that went into creating it. 


It’s no surprise that diamond halo engagement rings are still hot this year. This style adds sparkle with a larger look, which is why most brides love it! You can spruce up the halo design by wearing a double halo ring or incorporating a unique diamond shape such as an oval or emerald cut. 


Stackable bands

Our brides love the look of a fun stackable band! This style is perfect for a busy women on the go or a fashionista who loves to mix and match. 


Opaque diamond


 A great alternative for our non-traditional brides is our unique hand-forged opaque diamond collection! This style is up and coming and gives you a natural Earth-toned look. These diamonds are durable and great for everyday wear. Created in-house by our Master Bench Jewelers, our one-of-a-kind opaque diamond rings will turn heads wherever you go. 




The most popular stones in engagement rings besides your traditional diamond is Sapphire and Ruby! Each gem scores a hardness of 9, making them an ideal choice for a gemstone engagement ring. Sapphires come in many colors allowing you pick and choose your favorites while Ruby is always red.  

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