If you’ve been shopping around for engagement rings at Underwood’s, then certainly something has caught your eye.  Our staff are experts in helping you find your dream ring.  Choose from silver, gold, platinum, rose gold, or white gold in a variety of different band styles.  Try on plain bands, studded bands, thick or thin bands…there are so many styles to choose from.  Then pick your favorite diamond cut and size.  Try one on with a halo or without.

Need a little inspiration?  Here are some of the most popular 2015 engagement ring trends:

  • Mixed metal bands (especially rose gold)rosegoldhalo-150x150 2
  • Double halo settings
  • Horizontal stone settings
  • Art-deco style
  • Colorful diamonds and gems

Once you’ve found your perfect ring we’ll create a customized profile for you detailing your favorite style. You can narrow it down to one specific ring type or list a few of your favorite styles. Then, we’ll keep it on file for that special someone so he can be sure to hit a home run when he comes in to choose your ring.  He’ll get to pick the perfect diamond to set in the band so that it’s personalized, with love, just for you.

We want you to have the engagement of your dreams and that starts with the perfect ring.  Everything else will fall into place after that.


shutterstock_277686326Here are a few other fun engagement trends for 2015:

  • Wedding Dresses:  Ball gowns, off-the-shoulder, sheer accents, light rose color
  • Colors: Tones found in nature, floral art, and tropical landscapes
  • Menu: Buffet style, farm-to-table, local and in season ingredients
  • Desserts and Cakes:  Traditional, frosted cakes and dessert bars with everything ranging from macarons to donuts
  • Flowers:  Roses, peonies, dahlias, and hydrangeas. Floral backdrops for photos are also becoming popular.shutterstock_290822618

We hope these tips have gotten you in the wedding season mood!  We know that we love when engagement/wedding season rolls around.  It’s always a pleasure to help in the ring choosing process.