It is important to consider seasonal trends for fine jewelry. As your collection grows, so will the variety of pieces you obtain with each passing year. Over time, your jewelry collection will reflect your previous styles and blend with new trends. Your collection can remain timeless and be worn every single day. For this fall season, fashion trends to consider when looking for fine jewelry are opaque diamonds, warm colored gemstones, black diamonds, gold jewelry, stackable cluster rings, and one of a kind pieces for that bride-to-be!

Opaque Diamonds

The unique coloring of an opaque diamond is what makes this trend so alluring. It is also a great compliment to the other diamonds in your jewelry collection because it is the same gem, just with a slightly different effect on the viewer’s eye. The best part about opaque diamonds is their hardness; you never have to worry about scratches or abrasions even if it is worn often.

Black Diamonds

We love this trend because it is the easiest color to match with everyday style and it looks beautiful with every kind of outfit. Black diamonds are on an upward trend that will continue on through the next few years.

Warm Colored Gemstones

What better way to welcome fall than to WEAR fall! Find your favorite autumn hue in our vast collection of citrines, garnets, and smoky quartz gemstones. Many of these pieces can be easily mixed together to create one stunning, fall look.

Gold Jewelry

Gold is the way to go this fall, specifically, yellow gold! Which could be anything from a simple accent on a bracelet to a bold, gold chain made for adorning the neck. More ways to incorporate this trend would be layering multiple gold necklaces, pairing statement earrings with a matching bracelet, or using a yellow gold setting to create a custom, fall themed ring.

Stackable Cluster Rings

Wear multiple bands at one time and mix and match how you please! Mix the color of metals with different textures and patterns to complete any outfit. Stackable bands are on the rise and are not going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Bridal Rings

There are two trends to look out for this season when it comes to wedding rings. The first is placing an oval, pear, or round shaped diamond in the center of a halo. This is a modern take on a vintage inspired design that is perfect for highlighting the main gem. The second bridal trend is to stay traditional and display one, round diamond in a solitaire, yellow gold setting.

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