Every year, when Christmas shopping begins, boyfriends and husbands everywhere begin their unguided search for the perfect gift. So, for all you lost men, here are perfect gift ideas that she will LOVE.


  • A necklace with her birthstone or a diamond. This is something she could wear everyday, and show off to all of her gals.
  • Stud earrings are another great option. These can be bought in any color, but be thoughtful and choose one that will complement most colors in her closet. (Just talk to the Underwood staff, each and every one will have great suggestions on colors.)
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend for a reason. With diamonds you can’t go wrong. From pendants, to earrings, to bracelets and rings, your lady will love her set of Christmas diamonds.


To all the men in search of the perfect Christmas gift, we will make Christmas easy for you here at Underwood’s. In addition to these gift ideas, we can create wish lists. Send your lady over to Underwood’s and let her pick out her top choices. Then, you can secretly follow up and choose from her personal wish list. Now you are guaranteed to be the best gift-giver of the season.