What is a brooch? A brooch or lapel pin is an ornamental jewelry pin that is designed to attach to garments.

Brooches have been around for centuries. They have evolved in shape, size and color, but a major change has been in the way it’s worn.

For years, brooches have been associated with flea markets or grandmothers. Today brooches have transformed into a fashion statement. A brooch or lapel pin can be worn both by women and men. It can be a great signature fashion piece.


Underwood’s has a fantastic brooch line and here are two of our favorites. Great for the Spring or Summer months, these brooches can be worn in several ways.



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Bold statement

Multiple brooches can be used as jewelry statements. There could be multiple pins around the garment’s neckline to simulate a necklace or multiple brooches on a lapel, cardigan or jacket.


Simple statement

A single brooch can be used as the main jewelry item on an outfit. It could be attached to a cardigan or lapel, used to close a sweater or scarf, or on the center of a garment’s neckline.


Wedding statement

Brooches have become popular items for weddings. A bride will attach brooches to her bouquet to make it her something blue.