The new year never ceases to amaze when it comes to forward trendy fashion jewelry. 2019 is bringing us bold, creative and classic trends with a few unexpected looks. Keep up with new and exciting fashions that you will see at fashion week, on the red carpet and on your favorite celebs. Here at Underwood’s, we have the jewelry to make your year spectacular. Here are the top 8 jewelry trends expected for 2019.

It’s no surprise that yellow gold is making a huge comeback this year. With it’s warm tones and versatility, your favorite celebs are adorning themselves with the richness of yellow gold jewelry.


At New York Fashion week, we saw a lot of necklace layering, and I mean A LOT! This is a trendy look that will make any outfit fun and irresistible. This look lets you be creative with any outfit and allows you to put your personality forward.


When it comes to the world of bridal, oval shape diamonds are on the rise! These diamonds have been trending upward for the last few years and they are not slowing down yet. Princess cut diamonds have held the #2 spot for the most popular shape for years. That was until recently when oval shape diamonds took over that #2 spot, dethroning princess cut.


This is a trend that we love! At the Paris fashion week, designers took this look to the next level by adding pearls and other fun embellishments. Let this be the statement piece you’ve been searching for to liven up any ensemble!


This trend is a nice surprise! Big link chains last became popular in the 1980’s and have finally made its way back into the world of fashion. This year, you will see this look made with diamonds and paired with other big statement pieces.


Like the moon and stars, Celestial jewelry has been around for a while now. This will be a big trend for 2019. You can find this look on the runway and all over the internet. This theme can be found in all types of jewelry but most popular in necklaces.


Coin jewelry is making a splash in 2019. This look brings ancient and modern trends together. Wear one of our Underwood ancient Roman coins in a brand new, custom setting. Spice it up by adding diamonds and gemstones to make a fashion forward look.


They’re back! Charm bracelets are customizable for each unique story being told. Add enamel charms with delicate features to make a unique fashion statement. This adds a pop of color to your daily style.

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