Many couples who are looking for an engagement ring that is a little different from the norm are turning toward the lustrous blue hues of sapphires. So, how do sapphires measure up to diamonds?


Sapphires are one of the “big four” of precious jewels (the others are rubies, emeralds, and diamonds). With a hardness of a nine on the Mohs scale, sapphires are resistant to scratching. This means that sapphire will be a great alternative choice to wear every day.


Though most people think of diamonds as the traditional engagement ring gemstone, sapphire engagement rings have a long history. In the late 14th to early 15th century, royal families began to favor sapphires to use in engagement rings because they symbolize romantic love, truth, and commitment. Even now, the sapphire is the favored gemstone for engagement rings in the royal family of England. The most famous royal sapphire engagement ring in the modern era belonged to Princess Diana, and now that belongs to Kate Middleton.


In the past, sapphires were thought to have healing powers. During the age of the Crusades, it was believed that a sapphire worn by an impure or deceptive person would fade, and so returning Crusaders would test the fidelity of their wives with sapphires. Today, sapphires symbolize wisdom, virtue, and good fortune – and in an engagement ring, they specifically symbolize faithfulness and sincerity.


Cut is important in all gemstones, not just diamonds. A sapphire must be cut correctly to allow the true color and sparkle to show. Otherwise it may look dull or dark.


Sapphires come in a variety of colors. They are most commonly known for shades of blue; however, they come in almost every color but red! The more vivid the color of the sapphire, the more rare it becomes. Among blue sapphires, the spectrum of hues, from bright blues with pastel undertones to deep cobalt, means you will be able to find a shade of blue that fits you.


It is recommended that you use warm water, mild soap and a soft-bristle toothbrush for casual cleaning. You should bring your ring in to us for a free cleaning one to two times a year.

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