June is the biggest month for weddings, followed by August, September and October. Let us help guide you in finding the perfect jewelry to help commemorate the day you’ll remember forever. Jewelry is not only symbolic but it can hold our most precious memories we cherish for a lifetime. Here are the top 4 jewelry trends you can’t live without on your wedding day.

1. Diamonds

Diamonds are said to symbolize eternal love and unconquerable endurance. They are the hardest stone known to man making it perfect for everyday wear. Diamond jewelry is a classic no-brainer choice to wear during your wedding. This includes not only your engagement ring, but earrings, necklaces and bracelets as well. This year, there has been a trend of pairing rose gold and diamonds with a vintage style wedding dress and a vintage inspired wedding. Here at Underwoods, you can find the best diamonds in any piece of jewelry for you special day.

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2. Pearls

Many Western cultures associate pearls with the planet Venus, named for the goddess of love who came from the sea. Wear pearls on your wedding day to offer the power of love and to symbolize purity, faith and honesty. Pearls can come in many different colors such as white, rose, cream, silver and even black, making it the perfect jewelry to match with any wedding dress. Incorporate your pearls with an Underwoods necklace, bracelet, brooch or earrings.



3. Sapphires


Sapphires have been associated with romance for centuries, and is said to symbolize truth, love, commitment, faithfulness and success in love. In the late 14th century to early 15th century, royal families began to favor sapphires to use in engagement rings. In fact, Prince Charles gave a blue sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 that later became Princess Kate Middleton’s wedding ring. For non-traditional engagement rings, sapphire is the perfect gem! Next to diamond, it is the second hardest gemstone, making it ideal for every day wear. Wear sapphire jewelry on your wedding day to symbolize sincerity and to illuminate your true inner beauty. A large fashion trend is a sapphire engagement ring paired with matching earrings and necklace.






4. Aquamarines

Wear aquamarine as your “something blue” during your wedding. It is said that when you marry your true love, keep aquamarine near you and it will give you a marriage filled with eternal happiness. Afterwards, wear aquamarine on your honeymoon for safe travels and good fortune. Some cultures view this gem as a symbol of unity and love, and would give aquamarine jewelry as gifts to the bride on their wedding day. Folklore suggests that this gem is believed to endow the wearer with foresight, courage and happiness. Perfect for your wedding day; wear this “something blue” gemstone in a trendy necklace or right hand ring that will compliment your wedding style.





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