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learn all about the gorgeous july birthstone, ruby!


Ruby is treasured as a gift for July birthdays and celebration of a 40th anniversary. But don’t be limited by tradition, anyone can enjoy wearing this rich beautiful gemstone! The birthstone for July, it can symbolize charity and dignity. Ruby has also been regarded as a stone for passion, protection, and healing.


King of gems

Over centuries, the pure red color of fine rubies has inspired much folklore. In the ancient world, the ruby was associated with riches and royalty. In Hindu astrology, the ruby was considered so valuable it was deemed the “sun” jewel around which all other precious gems circled. The Sanskrit word for ruby, “ratnaraj,” roughly translates to “king of the gems”.

In medieval times, some European noblemen and women believed if a ruby was worn on the left side of the body (by the heart) it would help bring peace into the owner’s life. 

in an engagement ring

The color red symbolizes passion and love making a ruby a perfect accent color to your engagement ring. 


We love stacking rubies with other gems such as sapphires and diamonds. This particular ruby bracelet is made in 18K white gold. It features 7.36 carats total weight of rubies plus 2.65 carats total weight of fully cut diamonds.

in the heart of nwa

Here in Arkansas, we proudly love showing support to our state and our community. We have created a beautiful Arkansas State necklace with a ruby symbolizing the heart of NWA

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The quality and beauty of the jewelry is amazing! The attention and kindness shown to their customers is above and beyond! Thank you for making your store so inviting to all!”

-Debbie Ogg

Underwood’s Fine Jewelers…. Unique and Outstanding!
The best jewelry, the best quality, and the best staff.
Just terrific!”

-Elroy Rhodehouse

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