A new year means a new you! Different gemstones can symbolize different aspects of your life. This New Years,  wear Underwood’s jewelry not just to glam up your outfit, wear it to represent what you want most for your new year. Keep reading to learn about 8 different pieces of jewelry and what they can bring you for 2019.


Want to get that big job promotion or lose that 10 lbs. you’ve been dying to get rid of? It’s said that by wearing Gold, it helps with promoting success, prosperity and health. Wear this gorgeous gold ring all year round. It will never go out of style and help you with the success you deserve. Click here for Gold Jewelry.


By wearing diamonds, it is said to help you in difficult situations and to never give up. Diamonds symbolize unconquerable endurance that will help you get through the upcoming year. Click here for Diamond Jewelry. 


Wear sapphires during your New Year’s kiss to help with the success in your love life. This gemstone is also said to promote hope for your future and upcoming challenges. This Underwood sapphire ring will be the perfect piece to wear! Click here for Sapphire Jewelry! 


Make amends with your bestie while wearing Ruby jewelry for New Years. It’s said that when wearing Ruby, it helps to remove obstacles from your life and repair friendships. Do you have a big test coming up? Ruby also helps in improving your memory, so you can ace that test! Click here for Ruby Jewelry.


This year is your chance at successful and unconditional love. To help aid in your love life, wear the gemstone Emerald. This gemstone is also said to help you with patience. Remember, good things come to those who wait! Click here for Emerald Jewelry. 



Raise your self-esteem this year while wearing the warm tones of Citrine. It’s said to help personal clarity and to eliminate self-destructive tendencies. Also, be more innovative in everything you do, as Citrine promotes creativity and opens up your mind to new ways of thinking. Click here for Citrine Jewelry. 


Be happy all year long with your career, relationships and family while wearing the gemstone Peridot. It’s said to not only promote happiness, but to drive away any bad thoughts and worries you may have. Click here for Peridot Jewelry. 


After a chaotic holiday season, bring peace back into your home while wearing Turquoise. It is said to help relax the mind and ease mental tension. This gem will also help promote good luck throughout the year and is said to attract money. Click here to learn more about this gorgeous Turquoise ring!

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