Popping-The-QuestionGetting engaged is a big and exciting step but the actual proposal can be a little stressful for both guys and girls.  There’s the ring, the place, how to ask the question, plus tons of other little details.  Thankfully, we have an engagement guide to help your proposal go smoothly!  We’ve got all the info on the “four c’s,” proposal do’s and don’ts, and more.

The 4 C’s

  • Cut-  the angles between the facets of the diamonds, symmetry, and polish.
  • Color- the interior color of the body of the diamond.
  • Clarity- degree to which the diamond is free of internal characteristics.
  • Carat- the size of the diamond measured by weight.

Proposal Do’s

  • Go with tradition and ask her parents for permission.
  • Go with diamonds for the ring.
  • Don’t give away the surprise. Too many hints from you or friends will make her suspicious.
  • Get on one knee.
  • Stick with the simple “Will you marry me?” It’s been working for a long time.

Proposal Dont’s

  • Don’t hide the ring in her dinner, champagne, dessert, etc. You don’t want to lose the ring or go to the hospital.
  • Don’t ask via JumboTron at a Razorback game unless she has specifically said that is her dream engagement.
  • Don’t upload your crazy proposal to YouTube.
  • Asking in front of family is a lot of pressure. Celebrate with them afterwards.
  • NEVER ask at someone else’s wedding. It’s like the ultimate form of stealing the spotlight.

For the girls: how to get your dream ring.

  • Study up on the 4 C’s so you can describe exactly what you like to your guy. Then all he has to do is repeat them to the jeweler.
  • Drop hints. Stop by Underwood’s on your own and fill out a style profile. When the day comes for him to buy the ring he’ll have a solid guide to help him.
  • Tell a family member or friend (either yours or his) what kinds of styles you like. That way they can help drop hints or maybe have the honor of shopping with him on the big day.