Tom Weishaar

Tom Weishaar has been Underwood’s head bench jeweler for twenty-five years.  He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in art education and a minor metalsmithing. In 1997, Weishaar was recruited by Jewelers of America to complete the beta testing for its National Bench Jeweler certification program. The pieces created by Tom became the standard by which all certified bench jewelers are now graded.  Upon completing the testing, Tom was awarded the first Certified Master Bench Jeweler title in the United States.

Since then, Tom Weishaar has been asked to speak at over thirty state and national jeweler’s conventions, including five appearances at the New York Jewelry Show, three times for Masters in Motion, twice at the Mid-West Jewelers Association and once for South-West Jewelers conference.

Tom Weishaar has also authored 100+ articles for six national and international jeweler’s journals. Tom’s passion has always been for teaching, and he uses every opportunity help train new bench jewelers. Tom was the 2011 runner up and the 2012 winner of the K.R.W. award for best How-To Series for his six part article “How to Solve Casting Problems in the Small Shop”. Tom Weishaar also serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology.

Tom Weishaar’s jewelry work has won state and national jewelry awards including, the Karat, Spectra and Case competitions. Tom would be pleased to make a piece of jewelry just for you.

Cale Whitely

Cale Whitely has been a bench jeweler at Underwood’s since 1997. Whitely was trained as a bench jeweler by Tom Weishaar and has completed all four of Jewelers of America’s certifications. Cale completed the highest level of training becoming the nation’s 126th. Certified Master Bench Jeweler in 2011.

Underwood’s is the only jewelry store in the United Sates to have two Certified Master Bench Jewelers on their staff. This level of education and expertise goes far beyond what any other store can offer. Underwood’s jewelers are the very best at what they do.