shutterstock_134235779Ok, boys, listen up. If you’re shopping for a diamond ring you need to know that bigger diamonds are not always better. This common misconception is only true when the diamond grade of the larger diamond is the same as the smaller diamond. The biggest diamond for the cheapest price does not mean that you are getting a quality diamond. A cheap diamond is easily distinguishable.

Underwood’s has diamond experts to help you choose a beautiful diamond for the woman you love. We only sell the highest quality diamonds so no matter what size you choose you’ll know that you got her the best. The most important aspect is the quality of the cut rather than the size of my diamond. A high quality.5 -carat diamond ring will outshine a poorly cut 2-carat diamond with low clarity. We’ll give you expert advice and show you what aspects to compromise on so you can still afford the diamond of her dreams. Underwood’s is famous for that.