How to Get Her Ring Size

How To Get Her Ring Size

So you’ve finally decided that it’s time to pop the question. You’ve picked out the perfect engagement ring from Underwood’s, you have the perfect proposal planned out, but one thing is standing in your way: You don’t know her ring size. No need to worry! We have some tips and tricks to help you secretly find your future fiancé’s ring size.

  1. Ask one of her friends or family members for help. They may know her ring size from previous conversations or may have even bought her one in the past. If no one is sure, have one of her girlfriends take her window shopping and try some rings on “just for size.” They’ll be able to give you all the details plus maybe a few more about what kinds of styles she likes.
  2. “Borrow” a ring from home. Be sneaky and take a ring you’ve seen her wear before with you to the store. There will be no question on her ring size then.  Just make sure to get it back in the jewelry box quick before she notice it is missing.
  3. Try one of her rings on yourself. It may sound like a long shot but just try a ring on your own finger and mark where it hits on your finger. A good jeweler should be able to determine the right size from there.
  4. Go with the bigger size.  If all else fails and you have no way of knowing the right size, then pick a size up. It’s much easier to make an engagement ring smaller than it is to make it bigger.

When it comes ring size is not something that should not cause you major stress. Talk with your jeweler and they can make sure to help you pick a ring that can be resized should it need to be. You’re fiancé will be so excited over the proposal and her beautiful diamond that the day will be perfect no matter what.

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